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The 2017 Tax Deadline is 31 October. This is the last date for both the ATO myTax and self-lodgements to take place. Quick Tax Online has officially opened to run 365 Days. 

The deadline for lodgement of 30 June 2017 Taxation returns using the ATO free myTax lodgement system, or by paper lodgement, Closes on 31 October.
This is also the last date for lodgement of tax returns not prepared by a Tax Agent. Penalties may apply after 31 October for late lodgement and/or late payment of taxes.

Quick Tax Online, launched by RHA Accounting on 1 October, will assist taxpayers to complete their tax returns quickly, simply and inexpensively ALL YEAR online.

Compare the advantages below:

The choice is yours. Best advice is that in the majority of cases a Taxation Expert using their skill and knowledge will get you a better tax outcome and ensure that your self-assessment taxation return is free of errors and will not result in an ATO amendment or review.

A Tax Agent prepared return will also give you access to extended time frames for lodgement – up until June the following year.

Quick Tax Online, by RHA Accounting, will allow you ease of submitting your tax information anywhere anytime with the peace of mind of knowing that you will lodge on-time and with the assistance of a Tax Expert.

Visit our website rhaaccountingnetau.webplaza.com.au/quick-tax-rha/


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