Make Your New Years Resolutions Achieve Change

 Another year begins. Happy New Year is the normal greeting and this is often followed by your New Years Resolutions. We all look forward to a different year – a better year – and to seeing those resolutions achieve change. But will they? Henry Ford gave us the famous saying, “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” In simple terms, some change is needed in order to achieve change.

These are our simple steps to achieving what you want (we have deliberately not used the word “resolution”).


Be clear about what you want to achieve. Keep it simple and achievable.

This is the point where both advisers and clients  get caught up in the whole process of goal setting and planning. Don’t get me wrong! Goal setting and planning is important but often the process stalls because you have trouble defining your goals and getting started.

Tip: Start simple, baby steps. Once you have made a start, there will be time for more structured goal setting and planning.


Set small immediate goals or changes that you can focus on.

We all work better if we are working to a target. By defining the change or goal to be focused on, we can identify specific actions, changes and expected outcomes. Working to such a target means you can see what you need to do and what you will gain.

Tip: Limit your immediate goals to no more than 3 targets. Not even the best multitasker can achieve effective change if they are managing too many tasks at once. Even a full business plan breaks down actions into a series of smaller manageable tasks.


Once you’ve started small its time to look at the “bigger picture”.

Once your initial changes or goals have been achieved, you will have experience, confidence and drive to address further changes and goals… even to look at a “Big Picture” business plan.

Tip: Planning can be the difference between success and failure. A plan identifies the goals and the maps out the route that will be followed to get there. An interesting comparison can be made to holiday travels. We apply great effort to the planning and execution of our holiday to ensure it meets our dreams and expectations. Yet, many business owners will never make the time for planning in their business. A business plan can be one of the keys to success.


Review the people and advisers that you have working with you.

The right people and the right advisers will provide the essential knowledge, guidance and support that will enable you to be the best version of yourself, or your business, and to achieve your goals.

Tip: Your accountant should be your partner in business. They should possess business knowledge and skills that are essential to your ability to achieve your goals and to succeed. They should be the conduits for other professionals with knowledge and skills that you may draw upon.  You should be able to feel comfortable dealing with your accountant, trust in them and they should be pro-active in sharing their knowledge and using their skills to assist you.

Tip: You should look for an accountant who has the skills to  look from the outside in, to identify areas of improvement and change, recommending what those changes may be and supporting you in the implementation of those changes.

Tip: Surround yourself with the right expert, draw on their knowledge to supplement your skills to achieve your changes and goals.


At RHA Accounting we regularly assist clients through change, to improve their business, their outcomes and to achieve their goals. It is one of our most rewarding roles. Large or small – it is always a shared challenge and satisfying for all parties.
We wish you well in your 2017 “Resolutions”.

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